This is complete crap

I can’t believe it’s gotten to this. This class is too much for me right now. I can’t do ANY of the homework because I can’t understand it. And reading the book has not made the homework any easier. And the lecture is a fucking joke if I’m supposed to collect knowledge from the material. And the professors whole gimmick behind this is ” the harder the homework is the harder you’ll have to work to get it right and the better you will be” and obviously this is true. I’ll give him that but if there’s no fucken way for me to even stay afloat with all the resources available to me then how the fuck and I supposed to even be able to function. I had a midterm today that was 8 multiple choice and two free response. First of all I forgot my calculator and the multiple choice was dependent on having a calculator. Second of all I didn’t even know what any of the questions were asking me and I couldn’t even guess because of no calculator. And the free response were just beyond any of my comprehension of physics. I couldn’t even bluff and put random things down to get partial credit because I had no idea. Fuck physics. And fuck this professor. And yeah maybe it’s just one class. But it’s not that. I have to take the next three classes of this series and I can’t be behind whatsoever. And these are only going to get more difficult with each new topic. What the fuck am I supposed to do. Ughhhh!! I never rant like this and that says something.